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Filcro Media Staffing - Filcro Media Executive Search Methodologies

  • Business, creative, technical and financial goal determinations
  • Tactical, strategic, cultural, change management and succession issues
  • Consensus and formulation of skill sets and experience for the search document
  • Establish search cadence
  • Initial universe compilation for identification
  • Recruitment of identified candidates for tiering
  • Qualification assessments to properly tier candidates
  • Attraction of the most qualified candidates
  • Candidate justification procedures to reconfirm qualifications and assessments
  • Candidates and deliverables presented to client
  • Client interviews, internal assessments and justification document reviews
  • Client and Filcro Media Staffing confer to determine ideal
  • Documented verification of accomplishments, experience and education of ideal(s)
  • Formal offer, hiring terms, start date, contract finalization and or relocation particulars
  • Acceptance
  • Future acclimation assessment

Filcro Media Staffing specialized recruitment for the media and broadcasting industries 


Filcro Media Staffing’s specialized media search methodologies have been facilitating successful broadcasting executive search assignments, since 1985. Our practice is devoted to the needs of a diverse broadcasting industry. We facilitate an orchestrated and compliant search process that offers superior efficacy by utilizing proprietary methodologies developed to facilitate the business goals of media broadcasters. The firm’s broadcasting acumen, focus and capacity to discern nuance offers unique advantages to a complex and evolving media community.

Our search practices permit means to be honed at any point during universe compilation, identification and tiering. Each client’s search ecology is transparent and collaborative. Through our noted SEIT reporting system we allow each client to effortlessly collaborate with each Officer in Charge (OIC) to assure that definitions established to facilitate goals are maintained or improved upon through the search process. Deliverables are available 24/7 electronically; regardless of geographics.

Establishing Goals

Working in collaboration with our clients at the onset of a search we analyze their business goals to determine the experience and skill sets required. We focus on "traditional" organizational relationships, reporting matrixes, succession planning, change management, budgets, corporate goals and the corporate culture to identify the required tactical and strategic experience required. Essential to this phase is our firm’s capacity to make knowledgeable assessments that relate to a media client’s immediate and long-term business, technical and or creative goals.

Once these goals have been established collaboratively, we prepare a unique document that outlines the responsibilities, experience and skills required of the "ideal executive". This document outlines the scope of the work that Filcro Media Staffing will perform during and after the recruitment, identification, assessment, verification and attraction process. The information we require to initiate a search is obtained from diverse sources such as the hiring manager, an executive search committee, or senior human resource professional.  Filcro Media Staffing will establish consensus amongst varied internal interests at the onset of a search to assure that compensation and the desired experience are inline with current market conditions.

Search Initiation

The compiled search documents and insight garnered by interaction with human resources, the hiring executive(s) or executive search committee are utilized to channel our broadcasting industry acumen and broadcasting recruitment experience to our client’s greatest advantage as we establish a proper search universe. Once the search universe evolves we tier recruited candidates based on means that have been established to conduct appraisals.

As we proceed with the appraisals of those recruited we distinguish the most qualified candidates by tiering them based on their capacity to meet or exceed the standards established of the “ideal” executive. The search universe is divided into 1st, 2nd and 3rd tiered executives.  As we accumulate data with regard to logistics, collateral materials, assessments, verifications and executive justification statements we develop a documented "search ecology". 


Candidates on the 1st tier are thoroughly interviewed, evaluated and profiled on a multitude of levels to determine their qualifications within context of our client’s needs. Hard, soft, tactical and strategic skill assessments are facilitated by established profiles, scenario work and proprietary methodologies with proven efficacy to garner additional insight into the functional experience and capacity of each executive. Detailed profiles and justification statements are presented pertaining to each candidate's business capabilities.


Once an "ideal group” or "ideal individual” has been identified we proceed with meticulous verification of work history, compensation structures, education, achievements and business relationships from many different perspectives. We verify tactical and strategic acumen internally and externally to an organization. All candidate information is available on each client’s SEIT site as the work is proceeding enabling a client to be involved in nuance as the “ideals” become more apparent.

Logistics, Information and Deliverables. SEIT

Filcro Media Staffing’s SEIT system combines traditional and proprietary reporting tools to provide real-time access to information. The result is a simple, effective and sophisticated tool called SEIT. All clients conducting senior level executive searches  have access to Filcro Media Staffing’s proprietary SEIT system. Pronounced “see it” it is an acronym for Search Ecology Information Technology.

The entire search ecology including: resumes, candidate profiles, letters of reference, verifications, interviews, justification statements and logistics are available through SEIT to provide timely and accurate information to everyone involved.

The search process can be as collaborative or autonomous as a client requires.

Client Assessment

As each client evaluates tiered candidates we verify that the recruitment process is facilitating the identification of "ideals" at every phase of the search. The written profiles and statements compiled are intended to address specific issues during each phase of assessment.

Offer and Acceptance

The firm will convey and confirm mutual interest, compensation expectations, relocation dates, vendor commitments and contract initiation if requested. We will assist in establishing a formal offer of employment as a liaison with corporate counsel or human resources during the final phases of acceptance or negotiations.


Once an executive is in place our firm remains involved in the acclimation phase, if invited to do so. This process includes professional and personal specifics that are intended to assure that the executive is happy, performing well and committed to their professional obligations.

Case Histories

To review the search process we suggest that clients view specific case histories relevant to their recruitment objectives.

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